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History of the St Thomas Township Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co Inc

The company was organized in 1964 thanks to Amierican Legion Detrick Brechbill Post 612 St Thomas and the land owner Orrin Ehrhart, who donated the land. The fire truck was stored at Clyde Hull Sr's garage until the fire house was built. The fire truck was an 850 gallon truck transfered over into a fire truck. In February 19, 1965, just one year and one month after the first meething to organize, the company had a new fire house, a pumper and a tanker. In November 1968, the company added its third truck, a 3,300 gallon tanker. 


In January 17, 1964 a Public meeting was held in St Thomas and the very first officers were elected.


President Clyde Hull Jr.
Vice President Don Spidel
Secretary Richard L. Jones
Treasurer Earl R. Ferry
Trustees William E. Pope, John S. Graham, Jr, James Pittman
Fire Chief Frank Brake
1st Assisant Fire Chief Don Spidel
2nd Assisant Fire Chief Richard Sites
Police Captain Herbert Clugston
Chaplain C. Melvin Shields
Surgeon Dr. William T. Ellis


In February 21, 1964, The by laws committee presented  Proposed By Laws which were accepted.  The fire truck was turned over to the company from the American Legion. 


In March of 1964, we purchased $539.00 of equipement, 3 extinguishers, 6 helments, 6 coats, 6 boots, 6 gloves, 6 inseles, gaskets, 1 nozzel. The company adopted the colors yellow and black. Orbinsonia Fire Company donated 900 feet of hose.


In May of 1964, Orrin Ehrhart donated land for the site of the fire house.


In June of 1964, Firemen's Relief was established. 


In July of 1964, Orrin Ehrhart became a Life Member of the Company.


In November 20,1964, purchased a 250 gpm truck.


In December 18,1964, Fire House approved for Civil Defense Headquarters for the township.


In February 19, 1965, The fire house was completed. 

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